Bristol murder summary

They get on the lorry and set off to go Peters house. Peter gets him in the lorry and go on their journey together. When was time for the news Peter turned off the radio but he could listen that a middle-aged man was murdered in Bristol the night before.

He seems frightened and nervous.

BRISTOL MURDER - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Luckily, Peter saw that there was a fight and could help him. When Peter was driving in Bristol, he saw a boy about sixteen standing by the side of the road, holding out his hand to ask for a lift.

He found that her purse and keys were also at the flat, and that their cat appeared to have been neglected. He said that after she screamed he held his hands over her mouth and around her neck to silence her. Now, it is time for them to turn back to Bringham.

Bob Steel was hurt so he lay on the floor but Tommy tried to run away.

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He asks the cleaner questions about John and his uncle. When he looks carefully he understands that it is Bob and he starts to chase them. Peter goes these with the hope that he can find sth. Only the cleaner is there. He started to drive and he turned on the radio to listen the weather forecast.

I think other must read it! When he wakes up, he is unaware. He is running away from home because he had an argument with his uncle.

Peter answered that Jeff was an old friend. At the police station Tommy told the whole story about Mr. He was jailed for lifewith a minimum term of 20 years. An Inspector came and asked what had happened.

Bristol Murder Summary

When he tried to find Tommy Logan, he saw him with Bob Steel. The motorbike crashed into the lorry. It was Bob Steel. He seemed nervous and his eyes were moving all the time. Peter and John look at the each other and start to laugh.

He is always angry and Mr. Peter trusted him and he decided help John. He works like a lorry driver. Peter and John drove home and they saw a hitch-hiker. After ceting the load, Peter goes to visit his old friend, Jeff.

So he also goes to the house of Bob Stell. He worked as a "people flow analyst", a role which required him to examine how people move around public spaces such as schools, airports and sports stadia.Prowse P., Bristol Murder, Macmillan.

The summary of Bristol Murder

Chapters 1 – 4: summary Summarise the story with the help of the following sentences. Chapter 1 It was early one morning in October. 3 He gave Peter the name of someone in Bristol who might be able to help him. 4 Bob Steel. 1 He said that he had to go back to Bristol. He asked Susan for her address.

He said he would write to her. 2 Because he had promised to meet Peter at ten o’clock. 3 They said they were going to teach him not to try to steal Steve’s girlfriend.

The PowerPoint PPT presentation: "BRISTOL MURDER" is the property of its rightful owner. Do you have PowerPoint slides to share? If so, share your PPT presentation slides online with Apr 23,  · This book was about one murder that happened in Bristol.

Bristol Murder

The main character, Peter Jones, worked at the company called Universal Transport Limited. While he was driving his lorry and heading to Manchester, he met a boy.

Bristol Murder Summary Bristol murder Peter Jones is 22 years old boy who lives with his mother in Bridgwater. He works as a lorry driver in Universal Transport Limited.

Ponyboy and Johnny spend the time in Windrixville playing cards, reading, and missing the rest of the gang. Though time passes slowly, the outside world cannot stay out of their lives forever.

This lesson focuses on the summary of Chapter 5 of ''The Outsiders''.

Bristol murder summary
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