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However, the hole is only 12 inches wide and will need to be widened on a second pass. Chilean President Sebastian Pinera travels to Copiapo, where the mine is located, to meet with officials. August 27, - Miners are told for the first time of the lengthy process rescuers expect it will take to extract them from the mine.

August 24, - Experts from NASA and Chilean navy submarine experts are called to help address the psychological toll the isolation can take on the miners. Many steps have been taken to protect the emerging miners from the media.

2010 Chilean Mine Rescue Fast Facts

Many relatives privately described their feuds and jealousies with an AP reporter who spent the past month at the camp. Pinera confirmed that Chile mine essay Avalos will be the first miner to be pulled to the surface.

The Associated Press contributed to this report. They stopped sooner than planned after the sleeve became jammed during a probe of the curved top of the hole, which is angled 11 degrees off Chile mine essay at its top before plunging like a waterfall.

Rescuers are now capable of relaying communications and can send food and water to miners. October 7, - A source close to rescue operations says the Plan B drill is now less than meters from the target.

Written in red ink, it reads, "We are fine in the shelter, the 33 of us. Before this, the miners survive by sharing small amounts of tuna and mackerel that were in the shelter, along with water. President Sebastian Pinera wished him good luck and urged him to bring the miners up in good shape.

October 6, - Two additional capsules and a winch, a device used for winding and tension adjustments, arrive at the mine site. Emergency officials are unable to communicate with the trapped miners.

September 25, - The rescue capsule expected to haul the miners back to the surface arrives at the mine.

Down there they are calm," said Veronica Ticona, sister of year-old Ariel Ticona, a trapped rubble-removal machine operator. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

Dramatic Finish to Chile Mine Rescue Imminent

Fresh air and freedom were just hours away Tuesday for 33 miners trapped a half-mile underground for 69 days, men whose endurance and unity have captivated the world. Email Updated at Miners had to describe their physical and mental health in minute detail with teams of doctors and psychologists.

October 5, - Rescuers say they are within meters of the trapped miners. August 31, - Plan A drilling starts. The worst technical problem that could happen, rescue coordinator Andre Sougarett told The Associated Press, is that "a rock could fall," potentially jamming the capsule partway up the shaft.

If a miner must get out more quickly, rescuers will accelerate the capsule to a maximum 3 meters per second, Health Minister Jaime Manalich said. To prevent blood clotting from the quick ascent, they took aspirin and will wear compression socks.

Officials announce that they are working on a "Plan B", which could help speed up the rescue process. The men stretched an emergency food supply meant to last just 48 hours by taking tiny sips of milk and bites of tuna fish every other day.

The president said the rescue will begin about two hours later. August 7, - Rescuers face a setback when another cave-in blocks the path they were using to reach the miners.

These men are considered the most skilled in the group. We are also proud of all of the Americans who have been working with our Chilean friends on the ground to do everything that we can to bring these miners home.

The miners will wear oxygen masks and have two-way voice communication. September 9, - Miners record a new video to show their families a glimpse of what their routines are like. October 12, - During a press conference, Mining Minister Golborne announces that the rescue is expected to begin during "the last quarter" of the day.

September 22, - The Plan C drill starts drilling. Photographers and camera operators will be able to see light but little more from a platform set up more than feet 90 meters away.

Their pulse, skin temperature and respiration rate will be constantly measured through a biomonitor around their abdomens. And in some cases, when both wives and lovers claimed the same man, everyone involved had to face the consequences. There will be tests of the telecommunications system with an empty capsule inserted into the shaft.

As each miner is hauled up, a small video camera in the escape capsule will be trained on his face so rescuers can watch for panic attacks. After initial medical checks and visits with family members selected by the miners, the men will be airlifted to the regional hospital in Copiapo, roughly a minute ride away.

In case of an emergency, the bottom of the capsule being used to rescue miners trapped in the San Jose Mine in Chile can be separated from the top. His brother is also trapped in the mine.Chilean Copper Mine Collapse Jason Terry BCOM August 19, University of Phoenix Chilean Copper Mine Collapse In Augustthe world focused on a small copper mine in northern Chile, when it was discovered that 33 trapped miners were still alive after the mining shaft collapsed.

Review and Analysis Paper of the Chilean Mine Rescue (Essay Sample) Instructions: Review the assigned article, " Leadership Lessons From the Chilean Mine Rescue.". Free Essay: Chilean Copper Mine Collapse Chilean Copper Mine Collapse A small copper mine in San Jose, located in north Chile, collapsed trapping workers.

Free Essay: Chilean Copper Mine Collapse BCOM/ Disaster Strikes a Chilean Mine On August 5,employees of Minera San Esteban Primera woke up. Dramatic Finish to Chile Mine Rescue Imminent.

In case of an emergency, the bottom of the capsule being used to rescue miners trapped in the San Jose Mine in Chile can be separated from the. Related Documents: Essay about Chilean Mine Collapse Essay on Chile Mine Collapse.

Chile mine collapse. (, August). Facts about the amazing survival story When writing about an event like this there are many factors to consider about the audience. The first main factor would be in my opinion the potential relationship of the readers to.

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