Creating a constitution for our young

They knew they had to agree. Therefore, the need for government would decline.

Creating a Constitution

But the document also reserved certain powers for the states. It creates the Congress. Adding an amendment is hard — it takes lots of agreement. To your enquiry what we have done?

The risks that they took resulted in the longest lasting written constitution in world history. Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division. Checks and Balances The Founders were ever mindful of the dangers of tyrannical government. Jefferson and his followers, chiefly Southerners, established the Democratic-Republican Party.

Congress responded by appointing a committee to schedule the first federal elections and fix the date when the new government would begin operation in New York City.

The state constitutions gave the people certain liberties, usually including freedom of speech, religion, and the press.

Constitutional Convention Most of the delegates at the Constitutional Convention had already risked being hanged as traitors by the British. Setting up the government. Before the Constitution became law, it needed ratification approval by nine states. The Three-Fifths Clause Another point of contention arose over whether or how to count slaves in the U.

Meanwhile, the nation expanded westward, new states entered the union, and the economy prospered. Early America also faced threats from powerful European nations. The party wanted a weak central government and generally sided with France in foreign disputes.

The people elect the members of Congress.

Some of the framers are very famous. It protects your right to say what you want. As a result, a "balance" was created among the three branches. This helps protect the people. Jefferson took steps to reduce government expenses and the national debt.

This article included mechanisms for admitting new states to the Union.

Large numbers of American volunteers rushed into service, and helped stop the British offensive. Jefferson, then retired, accurately viewed the growing dispute as a warning of approaching disaster, "like a fire bell in the night.

However, it was still mindful of the threat of a tyrannical central government. Americans were divided over how to deal with the financial problems that plagued the new government. The Louisiana Purchase added 2, square kilometres of territory to the United States.

Hamilton and his followers, chiefly Northerners, formed the Federalist Party.

Creating the Constitution

The Congress can impeach and remove the president or a member of the Supreme Court. President Washington insisted that the United States remain neutral in the European war. The Constitution provided for a two-house legislature--a House of Representatives and a Senate. The President enforces the laws.

By listing the rights, they are made special. More employment would lead to greater consumption of farm products, and so farmers would prosper and buy more manufactured goods.

It makes sure you can read newspapers. He presented a plan to create a strong executive branch, out of a belief that order is more important than liberty. Federalism Article IV defined the relationship between the federal government and the states in a system of federalism, which divides the power of government between national and state governments.

It creates the Supreme Court. Jeffersonian democracy Public reaction to the Alien and Sedition Acts helped Thomas Jefferson win election as president in and again in He declared his support for the new Constitution-"with all its faults, if they are such"-because he thought a new government was necessary for the young nation.

Franklin continued: I doubt too whether any other convention we can obtain may be able to make a better Constitution. The Constitution was written in Yes, it is over years old.

We actually have old copies of what was created. We have pictures of the Constitution on this site. Ina group of men met to write the Constitution. They did not like the way the country was going.

They fixed it by creating the Constitution. We call these men The Framers. The Constitution was written in secrecy over a summer in Philadelphia. Twelve of the thirteen states were represented.

Once the drafters signed the Constitution, as seen here, it began to make a slow path around the states in search of ratification. Creating the Constitution. Indelegates from every state except Rhode Island met in Philadelphia to consider revisions to the Articles of Confederation.

The delegates agreed to write an entirely new Constitution. Creating the Constitution: – The president, for example, was given the power to appoint Supreme Court justices, cabinet members, and foreign ambassadors—but only with the approval of the Senate.

Sep 02,  · The best way to write a constitution is to start with the preamble, followed by the name and purpose of the organization that the constitution references.

Explain the organization’s rules concerning membership, meetings, and holding office. Write the rules on elections, committees, and by-laws%().

Creating a constitution for our young
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