Cross cultural psychology essay

Music can be applied to many cultures, with each having their own distinct meanings. In this theory, boys are usually hostile to their fathers and friendly to their mothers while the case is reversed with girls.

Therefore, it goes without saying that cultural psychology is the science of mental life in a particular society at a particular time. One of these theories is Oedipus complex as stated by Sigmund Freud. Music has a spiritual influence on the tribe and brings them closer to those they have loved and lost as well as those present.

Following is an overview of this area of study. Music does not discriminate against any ethnicity, race or worldview. Methodology In order to determine the methodology that is associated with cross-cultural research you must first determine the goals of research.

View Full Essay Words: It tells the generations how things should be, a sort of guidebook to their way of life. The methodology can be divided into quantitative and qualitative approaches. Another culture uses music and dance as a mating ritual.

Choosing a quantitative or qualitative method to reach desired information is almost as important as the research itself. Every culture has a custom that revolve around music.

When psychologists begin to research the differences and similarities in society they must first decide the methodology in which they will research.

Cross Cultural Psychology Essays (Examples)

Psychology Introduction to Cross-cultural Psychology What is culture? Cross-cultural psychology focuses on the similarities as well as differences that music has on many cultures. It can bring sadness, joy, and excitement.

Introduction to Cross-Cultural Psychology Essay Sample

After wisely choosing the method in which the data is collected, the psychologists then begin to assess the information gathered. The biggest difference in cultural and cross-cultural psychologies is cultural psychology distinguishes the relationship between the psychology of individuals and the society they are a part of and cross-cultural psychology defines the differences and similarities as well as defining universal aspects of culture by comparing two or more.

Many rituals include some type of music.

Introduction to Cross-Cultural Psychology

It is also considered as a research methodology within the field of psychology. Music keeps their memories and the visions they have of the world.

Music is in all aspects of life. For instance, even though homosexuality is considered an immoral behaviour mostly common in America, some other cultures have also encouraged their youth to practice it before getting married.Oct 09,  · Cross-cultural psychology, in contrast to other branches of psychology, allows that the definition of what is psychologically 'normal' is often highly dependent upon one's cultural context.

Two similar, but slightly different approaches to cross-cultural psychology include the ecocultural model and the integrative model.

Cross-Cultural Psychology

This essay explores the community from the perspective of their economic patterns and analyses the cost and benefits of shifting from their cultural patterns.

Besides, the intervention of the western developed countries to economically and socially change the Masai culture is discussed in details with an orientation of deriving major conclusion. Cross cultural topics in psychology – Second edition) “Cross-cultural psychology is the empirical study of members of various culture groups who have had different experience that lead to predictable and significant differences in behavior.

Cross-cultural psychology has examined the effects of daily life exposure to the perception levels of an individual. For instance, one study in this subfield examined the effects of shapes that a child grows seeing and his level of perception. In most of these studies the groups speak different languages ​​and belong to different political systems; 3) the aim of cross-cultural psychology, above all, is a comparative study of how culture and psyche are complementary; 4) cross-cultural psychology is the study of culture in the spiritual life of the people.

Introduction to Cross-Cultural Psychology Essay Sample. Culture is the structure of one’s way of life and behavior, meaning one’s beliefs, values, traditions, and behaviors (Matsumoto & Juang, ).

Cross cultural psychology essay
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