Describe cherokee and seminole indians resisted being remo

Jackson could scarcely believe what was being demanded of him. Conductor; 1, persons left from Agency camp on Oct. These were called The Civilised Tribes that had already taken on a degree of integration into a more modern westernised culture, such as developing written language and learning to read and write.

It began on December 28,when a column of soldiers led by Major Dade was massacred by Seminole warriors at the Dade Battle in Sumpter County. Chickasaw families were met with hardship and death along the Removal, traveling hundreds of miles in extreme cold and heat; however, Chickasaws suffered less than other tribes because we controlled our departures and chose favorable seasons to travel.

Osceola was a war leader of the Seminole in their fight against removal. He argued that they constituted an independent nation and had been so regarded by the United States in its many treaties with them.

But every day of that two-year period John Ross fought the inevitable.

Cannon, Conductor; overland; persons 15 deaths ; left Oct. The foresight and skilled negotiating practices of Chickasaw leaders led to favorable sales of Chickasaw lands in Mississippi. However, prejudice encountered in the formerly confederate state along with broken promises about the ownership of land eventually drove a band of them return to Mexico in He said that this so-called Constitution provided for an election in and it had not been held.

Photo courtesy of the Seminole Tribe of Florida Famous Seminole leader Osceola Only one group of Indians -- the Seminoles -- successfully resisted removal and they did so fiercely.

Conductor Jefferson Nevins; persons left Oct. The song has since become a sort of anthem for the Cherokee people. The President assured him that the government would do nothing. Friends if you all unite together and be of one mind there is no danger.

Indian Removal Act

However, a cannonball fired by a U. Another habit many of the other tribes acquired from the whites was that of slavery. This union was a strong one which surpassed attempts by the U. And the conflicts did not end there; they only escalated. Your condition must become worse and worse, and you will ultimately disappear, as so many tribes have done before you.

Primary Documents in American History

The Chickasaws were one of the last to remove. They gathered fruits, nuts and berries.

Cherokee removal

In the celebrated Cherokee Nation v. Our property may be plundered before our eyes; violence may be committed on our persons; even our lives may be taken away, and there is none to regard our complaints. Despite the threat and the warning, practically the entire Nation stayed away.

While the bill specified that the consent of the Indians had to be obtained and compensation dispersed to the tribes, the reality of the situation was that those who did not go peacefully were forced to go anyway.

This allowed the Chickasaw Nation, unlike other tribes, to pay for our own removal. Shortly after this, inthe first recorded usage of the name "Seminole" to denote an actual tribe was recorded. It was a stalemate that could end only in tragedy.Describe how the Cherokee and Seminole Indians resisted being removed from their lands east of the Mississippi.

How did the Cherokee pattern of resistance differ from the Seminoles? Essay by bubbleyblonde_07, College, Undergraduate, June /5(1).

Only one group of Indians -- the Seminoles -- successfully resisted removal and they did so fiercely. Their resistance to removal brought about the Second Seminole War. Explore Maria Serena's board "Native American" on Pinterest.

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Indian removal

The Indian Removal Act. The Cherokees were not happy with the relocation plan and resisted being forced to move. Inthe Cherokees turned to the courts for defense against the Indian Removal Act and against the Georgia Legislature’s nullification of Cherokee laws. The Seminole Indians were ordered to merge with their ancestral.

Seminole Tribe of Florida official homepage is dedicated to the rich history, culture, and services of the Florida Seminole Indians. and services of the Florida Seminole Indians.

Seminole Tribe of Florida - The Official Home of the Florida - Seminole Indians dreadful moment, inin which several thousand Cherokee people were sent.

The Indian Removal Act was signed into law by Andrew Jackson on May 28,authorizing the president to grant unsettled lands west of the Mississippi in exchange for Indian lands within existing state borders. A few tribes went peacefully, but many resisted the relocation policy. During the fall and winter of andthe Cherokees were forcibly moved west by the United States government.

Describe cherokee and seminole indians resisted being remo
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