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Therefore words play an important role in our day-to-day conversation. Good manners are also important when we are in the company of our friends or someone else.

It learns a lot in company of his friends at school. So always try to observe small courtesies if you want to win over others heart.

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But if you look closely, you will find that they have many similarities. The old distinctions between "superiors" and "inferiors", once accepted unquestioningly and so we understood that only occasionally did they need to be repeated in earlier conduct books, now required sterner safeguards.

The best way to know a culture is to touch it, to feel it, to experience it because each culture has its own reason to exist and has its own characteristics, so it is hard to say which one is the standard.

Literature Review Most authorities researched on the differences of the table manners between China and the western countries, mainly focus on the sequence of serving the dishes, how to behave at table, in Essay etiquettes manners words, how to speak, how to greet with each others, how to use the dishware and napkin and so on.

Japanese etiquette requires that shoes be removed before one enters a home, but Chinese do not remove their shoes. English Essay on "Etiquette" Etiquette Etiquette is a system of rules and regulations defining good form or "good manner" in social public or official behavior.

We should absorb the essence and discard the dross, so as to promote the national language and develop human culture. It is an insult to a person to ask his attention and then speak so that he does not understand.

How one sits at the table is also prescribed. So when the westerners come to China, they should know the etiquettes at the table. They are likely to be taught at an early age, primarily through parental discipline, positive behavioral enforcement of continence with bodily fluids such as toilet trainingand the avoidance or removal of items that pose a disease risk for children.

Give everybody an equal opportunity to speak and never try to speak while another person is speaking. Instead, lay them on your dish. Handling the taboos All of the people know that China has a long history, traditionally speaking, there are many taboos at Chinese tables, but these days not many people pay attention to them.

Many modern societies in Asia also in Pakistan follow the rules of Western behavior and used standard cutlery and requiring procedures.

A knife in the mouth Never! Salesmen and women are usually persons who are both patient and polite, and their customers are most often ladies in fact as well as "by courtesy.

But living in society is not an easy job.

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Besides, table manners are only important at formal parties, although good manners always make you look good. Harshness is a sign of smallness and shallowness. In recent years the British have become more cosmopolitan in their eating habits, and many families frequently sit down to meals whose ingredients or recipes may come from India, china, or indeed anywhere in the world.

Nobody is born with good manners. The Letters were full of elegant wisdom and perceptive observation and deduction. A foreign language learner should set up a right attitude toward different cultures. It includes several forms of kindness like hospitality and tolerance.

They do not rock back in the dining chair and do not prop themselves up with their elbows on the table. They have to be cultivated with great care.

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Anywhere we go out, we are judged by the way we speak. Email alias identifies sender to the recipient so it is necessary to include full name in email alias. Never hate anyone at all. We should neither brag nor boast.

In southern Europe close male friends often embrace, as in Asia and Middle East. When facing a new culture, people should be flexible and able to adapt themselves to the new situation. Therefore, being aware of the importance of table manners is not only for the people who always attend formal parties or have frequent contact with the foreigners, but also for the entire nation so as to improve the cultural awareness, condense the information, and create communicative effects of table manners.

Thus, new comers to wealth were aided in concealing their social inexperience.Good manners & etiquettes is the best way to lead an honorable & respectable life. It can make a person stand out of the crowd.

By following good manners you can become a role model for people around you. Good manners and etiquette pdf. I number them so that I can and back to them good Pdf Good manners and etiquette pdf >>>CLICK HERE.

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Article shared by. Good manners make a full man. They are very essential for human civilization. Without good manners, man is like a purse without money, though it is very attractive from outside.

They are the outcome of good breeding. A person who has been brought up in a good envi­ronment must have good. As bad manners produce bad results in society, good manners produce good results.

Good manners are unconsciously acquired in our childhood, but they can also be cultivated later on. Every human being should be treated with due respect and dignity. Essay On Manners And Etiquettes.

It is very difficult to define good broadly speak­ing they may be said to be well established standards of decent conduct in social life. Manners include words, gestures, movement, mode of speech, courtesy, politeness, sympathy and many such other things.

They are the outward expressions of one’s personality and the real ornaments of a gentleman. Manners and rules of behavior meant as much as the social origin or status. Etiquette was a basis for any kind of relationships including romantic ones.

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Courtship of the 19th century had strict rules that were respected by the society.

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