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The stamp-collector has friends all over the world with whom to consult and exchange interest and information. Coinage of the word has been attributed to Georges Herpin who introduced it in a publication in November Essay-Proof Society, which has since disbanded, defined a proof as "any impression, the design of which was approved for use on an issued stamp of an established government or private post, from any die, plate, stone or type, printed for the purpose of 1 examination or reference, 2 for determination of satisfactory quality of design, color, ink, or imprinted surface, or 3 for determination of the effect of cancellation or method of separation".

As a hobby, it is of absorbing interest. Such stamps are usually limited editions. Philately is the pastime of collecting postage stamps. These were produced on a soft, yellowish wove paper, and are extremely scarce.

Special stamps may be issued to commemorate specific events. Combinations of essays for the vignette and the frame were sometimes built into full models in the exact size of the final stamp.

Essay (philately)

A Tasmani in stamp will tell us of waterfalls and lakes in that island Australia. After the bids were opened, an Expert Committee was asked to rule on the designs, colors and paper. Air mail etiquettes are the most common. As early asthe U. More men than women have been known to collect stamps.

An imperf ect stamp mount ed temporarily.

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Thousands were distributed in this manner, creating a collecting irony of sorts: It showed a Lion and Palm tree. January 01, Another engraver, completing the frame and lettering, may also have had progress proofs of his work made.

Another special printing of different small die proofs was made for the Panama-Pacific Exposition. To the philatelist these perforations are significant indeed. Philately was recommended as a hobby worth cultivating by no less a person than Thomas Huxley, the Scientist. Approximately types were printed for 85 album sets prepared by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in A proposed design for a stamp which was not accepted in its original form.

These may be high-value items. Etignettes - See " Air Label ". There is a regular market for the buying and selling of old stamps.Andorra Rare Essays Although there are many so called essay s, produced largely for collectors, one issue that is accepted as contemporary, is the Andorran Coat of Arms produced by the Belgian designer and engraver, H.

Douchet. Philately is the pastime of collecting postage stamps. It is a hobby that originated within a few years of the first issue of penny postage in England in When and how the hobby started is not exactly known.

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Words Essay on Philately. Article shared by. Philately is the study of revenue and postage stamps which may include their design, production and uses after they are authorized for issue by postal authorities.

Often it includes stamp collecting too. In philately, an essay is a design for a proposed stamp submitted to the postal authorities for consideration but not used, or used after alterations have been made. [1] [2] By contrast, a proof is a trial printing of an accepted stamp.

Essay on philately
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