Forrest gump literary analysis

The first person that Forrest talks to is a black nurse. This film, however, makes no pretensions of having a conventional plot, and in this regard it surpasses even Citizen Kane in the biopic subgenre.

He is the key to solving many problems previously thought unsolvable, a fact that takes him into outer space, lands him at the mercy of a cannibal tribe, meeting several Presidents, winning the National Medal of Honor in Vietnam, and even results in him nearly achieving the status of United States Senator.

Nonetheless, having been inducted into the Library of Congress Film Registry, Forrest Gump must Forrest gump literary analysis done something well. Race relations in the story of Forrest Gump are quite subtle. There are some critics and historians who bash this movie for inaccurate portrayals, but from the perspective of the southern depiction and black depiction, it was correct.

In contrast to what one might believe, the element of religion was not a large factor in this movie. It goes like this: Seeing plantation homes that have been in a family for multiple decades is nothing unusual. Although the movie did include race relations and a depiction of southern culture, it Forrest gump literary analysis mostly around the modern history of the United States; leaving the race relation and southern culture scenes to fill in the gaps of the story, although fairly accurately.

It seemed that at this time in modern history, it was quite orthodox for a woman to run an inn and take on the role of the caretaker of a plantation house. Whereas in Kane there is a pretense to find out about Charles Foster Kane, and the search for the meaning of Rosebud, in Gump all we get is Forrest telling us his life story.

Jenny Jenny is a character plagued by her past. We see flashes of attempts on Ford and news of what Carter was saying while Forrest eating a bowl of cereal, and while Jenny was living with him Reagan was shot.

Another subtle, yet significant, depiction of the black race was a scene in which Forrest is a part of what appears to be either a Baptist or Pentecostal choir. Forrest is from the fictional town of Greenbow, Alabama. Beginning with the main character, Forrest Gump Tom Hankssitting on a bench at a bus stop, nothing seems to become clear to the audience.

Race was not a huge subject in the movie, as the main character treated all races equally.

Forrest Gump: An Analysis

The only reason that the Black Panthers allow Forrest into their meeting is because Forrest was unknowingly roped into speaking out against the Vietnam War and the Black Panthers sympathized with anyone who was against the war. Forrest is also honest and a man of his word.

For what the producers and director decided to include in the movie, the depictions were very accurate. He informs Forrest of the injustice that blacks are going through such as the raping of black women by white men and the unjustified treatment that white society is giving towards the black race.

However, it is good to understand that it is not a large part of everyone in the south. In Forrest Gump, the south is portrayed as accurately as anyone could have portrayed it. The Black Panther member is explaining, but still yelling, to Forrest what the Black Panthers are all about. All the roads in this small town in Alabama were dirt roads and it appeared as if there was no commercialized area for miles.

That said, thematically, it is identical to the movie, and the characters are nearly all the same. Other than Forrest being in the choir at the Baptist church, there was not much mention of religion.

However, the fact that he says his mother named him that to remind him that we do things that make no sense, is contradictory to the southern culture and ideology. While they were children, however, Jenny and Forrest prayed to God to make Jenny a bird so that she could leave her abusive father.

We follow his adulthood from Vietnam to the Reagan years and the beginning of the AIDS epidemic, and through this time he stumbles from one historical moment to another.

He also kept his promise to Bubba and compensates his mother with a huge check. Lieutenant Dan Lieutenant Dan carries us through most of the second half of the film alongside Forrest.

Forrest Gump Summary and Study Guide

Then, suddenly, for the last part of the film about 14 minutes we see things as they happen from then. Forrest did not need to go through any sort of maturation in order to see any part of his life from the same perspective as his neighbors.

Forrest Gump (1994)

The movie incorporates this battle of wills by including black and white film of the Governor speaking to the people of Alabama and referring to the United States as a military dictatorship.

She lived in a run-down house and had a sexually abusive father who suffered from alcoholism. Forrest went to the University of Alabama, an institution that has a very rich football history.

Her reactions to a stranger talking to her as she tries to read a magazine on a bus stop bench are justified and would be seen with any person. Their conclusion was that they were against any sort of war in which black soldiers are sent to die.

This quality of taking everything at face value is what allows him to moon President Johnson without a bit of malice.The blockbuster movie Forrest Gump was made in the yearand it was an American comedy-drama film that won multiple awards and nominations, including awards won from the 67th Academy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, MTV Movie Awards, People s Choice Awards, American Film Institute Awards and various other ones.5/5(2).

Disability Analysis: Forrest Gump Clip 1 CLIP 2 Conclusion All in all, Forrest Gump shows audiences that when one has an impairment or disability that they can still lead a successful and meaningful life. Get all the details on Forrest Gump: Analysis.

Description, analysis, and more, so you can understand the ins and outs of Forrest Gump. Free Essay: The Picture Perfect Man In the film Forrest Gump directed by Robert Zemeckis one of the most inspirational movie characters ever was born. Introduction Forrest Gump is a film that defies the conventions of filmmaking, and in that sense it is difficult to do a typical analysis of the film.

It’s not so much that the film is overly complicated or that reality is always in question or any art house tricks of that kind; it’s just that. "Forrest Gump" is the story of a man who overcomes numerous obstacles throughout different stages of his life and always seems to see the brighter side of things in the process.

Through the movie's entirety, outstanding performances from various award winning actors give this film's involved and /5(8).

Forrest gump literary analysis
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