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We will provide our goods and services to mainly tourism areas. Additionally, as a certified tattoo designer I would walk around the tattoo studio from time Free pob sba sole trader time and assess the tattoo designers to make sure that they are carrying out the service to the best of their capabilities because when the service is finished, the customers should have a feeling of satisfaction and not to feel a sense of regret when they visit our tattoo studio but rather want to recommend L.

An accountant is also needed in the business to keep track of the profits and losses of L. Pricing Strategy Cost plus: Justification of Location Different factors play a role in how successful a business will become, one such factor is the location of the business.

The ethical issue discussed will have great impact on our business if not dealt with or prevented. Three main tattoo artists including myself are vital to L. D because it shows that the company is legal and registered with the government and is a law abiding business of the country.

D, one such role would be that I have to work additional hours to make sure that the business gets off to a good start and to address any unforeseen problems that L.

On the other hand the government has a limit on the amount of items we can import into the country so that will have a negative effect on L. D in that more profits will be made and our reputation as a tattoo company will skyrocket. Two cleaners are needed to clean up the different stations of the studio between breaks and before closing.

D will always look to maintain a high quality standard when delivering our services. D is a tertiary industry; this is so because we at L. Use of Technology Our world is currently evolving around technology and it only seems fit if L. D will face at the early stages of entering the market.

Market Research Target Population Qualitative: Role of the Entrepreneur An entrepreneur is a person who coordinates the factors of production efficiently to make a profit.

Government Regulations Government regulations are important to L. Catherine as well as other parishes in well populated areas where it can appeal to many people.

D will take this factor into consideration when choosing a suitable location to conduct business. D because the limited amount of supplies may run out easily. D also pays taxes to the government which has a positive impact on the business because it shows that we are registered with the government, L.

When establishing a business the entrepreneur goes to the Bureau of Standards to register the business to gain permission to operate the business. D in that the secretary can inform the tattoo artists of any arriving customer in advance so that they can make the proper preparations for their client.

Many diseases are transmitted through contact of blood; L. This person is important to L. D in that it makes profit for the business. This pricing strategy will be used so as to make the price affordable and fair, to both customer and the business.

In our endeavors we shall aim to sell to at least 1, people per month. In a span of fifteen years of successful business L. Price Gouging refers the pricing of an item above market price. D a positive review among friends, family etc. This location was also chosen because in this area there are a lot of other companies, restaurants and clubs; these other companies will provide L.

D will be known for its genuineness among its customers, with this being accomplished it will give L. An example of the logo is in the appendix.Pob Sba; Pob Sba.

10 October Marketing; Description of the Business Trevi’s Custom Cakes & more is a sole trader business owned by Trevenia Buchanan. It is the proprietor’s intention to establish a bakery in the parish of St. Catherine. This business will mainly be producing custom-made cakes and also other pastries.

PRINCIPLES OF BUSINESS SCHOOL BASED ASSESSMENT (SBA) On Production Name: Debbian Lodge Centre Number: Candidate Number: Name of School: St. Mary’s College Nam. Description of Business Mystique Restaurant will be operated as a sole proprietorship.

In Trinidad and Tobago, a sole trader must, by law obtain all forms, name search and name reservation, collect the name reservation document, complete registration process and collect the registration certificate.

Shaneka pob sba Shanny Brown. CSEC Social. Pob Sba Production On Sole Trader Business Pob Sba Description of the business The type of business to be established is a sole trader business.

A sole trader.

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Free pob sba sole trader
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