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The course will explore numerous strategies and methods used by organizations in a variety of industries and sectors to improve employee and organizational performance. Master of Science The general requirement for the MS degree includes 33 hours of coursework. Topics include the application of business strategy, consumer behavior, and customer relationship theories in e-business environments; Fsu masters thesis and business-to-consumer arrangements; and supply chain and other e-business infrastructure issues.

For more information or if you have questions, please contact Jeffrey Hoh. A major professor and supervisory committee assist the student in completing the thesis. The students must have a 3.

Failure to obtain the required approvals may Fsu masters thesis in the dissertation being permanently embargoes and unpublishable in any form.

The thesis option requires 30 hours total. Students must earn at least a B 3. Available for Real Estate specialization 3 credit hours, online RMI Fundamentals of Risk and Insurance Develops concepts such as time value of money, statistical analysis, information technology, and management of risk exposure.

One departmental presentation, excluding the formal presentation of the thesis research. Any work transferred from another school is included in the seven-year rule. A distinguishing characteristic of the program at FSU is the breadth of training completed to become an active researcher.

A thesis is a report of original research, less ambitious than dissertation research, and is typically based on secondary analysis of an existing dataset. MAR Marketing Research This course focuses on the tools, techniques, and procedures involved in the marketing research process, as well as the critical thinking skills necessary to interpret marketing research findings.

Course Descriptions ACG Financial Reporting and Managerial Control Provides a basic understanding of accounting systems and the financial statements to lay a foundation for financial statement analysis. For application to the doctoral degree program: Area paper option The area paper option requires the completion of 33 credits; 27 of these credits are comprised of coursework and 6 credits are earned for the completion of the area paper.

Available for Supply Chain Management specialization. For example, MBA students must receive approval from the Master of Accounting program director to pursue a specialization in accounting.

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Teaching experience in at least one course recommended by the supervisory committee and approved by the associate chair. ISM Project Management Designed to be relevant for all professionals confronting project-related tasks, with particular attention given to the information systems context.

Extends the concepts of project management to the management of multiple projects across time and space, including the management of projects outside of the organization through outsourcing, strategic alliances, and off-shore arrangements. More information The specific requirements and expectations for all our degree programs can be found in the Biological Science Graduate Handbook.

Take before FIN The course also provides a basic understanding of cost systems and controls to lay a foundation for organizational control. Topics include a discussion of primary and secondary mortgage markets, mortgage market operations, mortgage instruments and mortgage-related securities.

The requirements of the Course-Type MS degree can generally be completed in eighteen months to two years including: Students learn how compensation programs are designed and administered. Firms must employ strategies to create, promote and retain customers over the long term.

Theoretical, conceptual and practical concerns in the design and implementation of database systems are discussed. The coursework-only and area paper options require 33 hours total. Students will utilize methods such as calculus and linear algebra.

Available for Real Estate specialization. Each area offers a series of core courses to be taken in the first years. At least 30 semester hours of graduate credit. Course focus will cover society as a whole, electronic communities, organizational impacts, the implications of design choices, and ethical considerations.

The international trip is to gain access to the best business practices of world-class multinational firms in the destination city. Students typically spend years on course work, along with several years of research on the leading edge of biology.

However, these students must complete 6 semester hours in humanities courses non-CCJ elective courses. Specific concepts covered include:The master’s degree in Sport Management is designed to prepare you for leadership roles in the sport industry.

You can choose between a thesis track and a non-thesis track. In the thesis track, students learn more about the research process and focus in-depth on a particular topic about the sport industry. Masters Thesis With the exception of the performance areas, Master's programs culminate in a written thesis.

Work on the thesis normally does not begin before the student's second semester in residence, but in some instances the student's major professor may.

The College of Criminology and Criminal Justice offers Master of Science (MS) and Master of Arts (MA) degrees. Master of Science. The general requirement for the MS degree includes 33 hours of coursework.

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Of these, at least 24 hours must be taken within the College, and 21 of the 24 hours must be graded (not S/U). Master's Degree Programs * Students should contact the respective department for more information regarding admissions and general degree program requirements.

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* Departments, programs, or colleges interested in altering the status of an existing major should follow the steps outlined in the Major Status Change Request Form found on the Office of Faculty Development and Advancement's Website. The graduate manuscripts are also archived in DigiNole, FSU’s institutional repository, a service of University Libraries.

All theses and dissertations are also cataloged in the University Libraries catalog. Browse theses and dissertations produced at FSU from to present in DigiNole.

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Fsu masters thesis
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