Marking rubric creative writing

Almost Meets Standards Some strong words and descriptions. Word Choice Exceeds Standards Strong, vivid words and descriptions throughout.

Does Not Meet Standards Writing contains many cliche ideas and an uninspired style. Almost Meets Standards Some idea creativity.

Attempted organization and use of some supporting details evident in the work. Meets Standards There is a rhythm and flow of language. Fluidity Exceeds Standards There is a strong rhythm and flow of language. Sentence structure not varied.

Meets Standards Strong words and descriptions throughout. Meets Standards Good idea creativity. Almost Meets Standards An obvious attempt to create a rhythym and flow. Meets Standards Writing is somewhat creative.

Does Not Meet Standards.

Organization and Development Excellent idea creativity. Meets Standards There are a few spelling and grammar errors, however it does not take away from the overall quality of the writing assignment. Words are above average, and used appropriately throughout the work.

Some above average word choices however, many words are used inappropriately.

NAPLAN-Style Assessment Rubric - Narrative Writing

Organization and use of supporting details evident in the work. Does Not Meet Standards There are so many spelling and grammar errors that it is difficult to comprehend the meaning. Ideas and style is refreshing and imaginative. Sentence stucture not varied.

Writing is extremely creative. Does Not Meet Standards Poor word choice and descriptions throughout. Does Not Meet Standards No attempt to create a rhythym. Elementary word choices and many words misused.Creative, concrete language; uses literary devices and rich sensory detail Assignment uses concrete language.

literary devices and sensory detail Some use of concrete language, literary devices, and sensory detail in assignment Little use of concrete language, literary devices or sensory detail in.

Analyze your student's fiction-writing with this organizational rubric. Assessing Writing in the National Assessment Program The writing task a student has written on topic or not will be provided to all markers in all Australian marking centres prior to the A­glossary­of­terms­used­in­the­rubric­is­provided­after­the­exemplars.

iRubric UAX A rubric to use for grading creative writing assignments including poetry. Free rubric builder and assessment tools. Teaching Resource: A NAPLAN-style rubric designed to help teachers to assess students' narrative writing.

Writing is coherent and logically organized. Some points remain misplaced and creative use of sentence structure and coordination Format Fails to follow format and assignment requirements; Microsoft Word - Written Communication Author: Primary.

iRubric: Creative Writing Rubric Download
Marking rubric creative writing
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