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But if someone wanted to take home a virgin, he had to take permission from Akbar. And no one, not even Osama Bin Laden has been able to repeat that feat since then. Foundations of Akbar the Great 1.

Akbar the Great

And we claim him to be pride of India! Jahangir writes that Akbar used to call him Shekh regardless of he being intoxicated or alert. Once Akbar himself called several prostitutes and asked who broke their virginity.

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And you must be a basher of mainstream Hinduism in some way or the other. His head was tilted on right shoulder. But that is besides the point. Humayun became dumb due to use of opium. His nostrils looked as if he is in anger. On why Hrithik was excited to play the role of Akbar and why historians call him the most handsome person on earth.

Obviously they were women from Hindu families who were made captive or rendered homeless after their families were looted and butchered on ongoing basis. This great nation has produced greatest of tejasvi patriots but also traitors.

All that Agniveer is trying to attempt is to wipe off such honor from his forehead and join ranks of the detractors of these great butchers — the likes of Maharana Pratap and Shivaji.

Abul Fazl describes Harem of Akbar: Readers are requested to read originals of these themselves. And then came the great Mughal — the noble descendant of Timur and Genghis Khan from father and mother side respectively. He carried the glorious lineage of the greatest rapist, looter, murderer, homosexual child molester — the noble Babur who has the rare honor of being on cover page of history books for school students in India.

We shall simply provide snippets here Note: Incidentally Greek historians are more candid to admit this defeat of Alexander! I recall only three — Alexander, Ashoka and Akbar. Education of Akbat the Great 6. He used to start behaving like insane when drunk beyond limit.

Beauty and Noble Habits of Akbar the Great 2. Respect for motherly force women in Akbar the Great 7. Akbar imbibed both these great qualities.

So many prostitutes aggregated there that it became difficult to keep a count. Agniveer is honored to be part of the great legacy which has produced such eminent historians who have referred to the most unreliable sources to portray the greatest butchers as greatest legends for sake of secularism.

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To describe the glory of his prince charming, Abul Fazl writes in Ain-e-Akbari: With traitors like such who needs enemies. After that they were allowed to enter and stay in Harem for up to even one month.

Or are the both same? Two children of Akbar died due to excessive consumption of narcotics. He used to drink Taadi sometimes and Post other times. But our glorious historians, who seem to take more passion as poets and creative writers, consider this to be defeat of Porus.Mera nam Mukesh Mastana hai mai bihar ke chapra jila se bilong karta professional taur pe ek poem writer aur संगीतकार हू.

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Know the true Akbar and discover his greatness! And find all reasons to condemn Maharana Pratap! If you destroy history, history destroys you.

Mera bharat desh mahan hai essay writer
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