Newspaper research report results

Estimate the reduced fatality rate for women taking the pills 3. Conclusively, it may be stated that the findings were statistically significant. Newspaper research report results large number of women who participated in the study makes the precision of the results to be high since large size of study subjects increases precision for meta-studies.

Since both were probably used in the analysis of data in the study, it can be inferred that applied statistics was used in the data analysis to make different conclusions.

The evidence point out that the most probable statistics used in the study is inferential statistics. These numbers were probably determined using inferential statistical method recording the occurrence and fatality in a small sample, generalizing for the whole country after that.

Percentages and frequency are numerical descriptors, which are more useful in terms of describing categorical data. This was used to make conclusion that pills are protective against ovarian cancer. The article tries to give a background of this medical problem, and cites The Canadian Cancer Society Newspaper research report results saying that it is estimated 2, women were diagnosed with ovarian cancer in Canada inand 1, women died from it.

This shows that the researchers extrapolated their findings to estimate the past death cases resulting from ovarian cancer and also to predict future trends.

I will also look into how the conclusions are presented, and if the general approach was correct and suitable as far as statistics is involved. More Essay Examples on Newspaper Rubric The study involved use of archived information from various previous studies hence it is a meta-study.

The article also states that study authors estimated that during the past 50 years,cases of ovarian cancer anddeaths worldwide have been prevented by oral contraceptive use, and that if use remains at the current level, as many as 30, ovarian cancers could be prevented a year Branswell, The Canadian Press — Toronto Star.

Both descriptive statistics and inferential statistics comprise applied statistics Gunsch, The article is named: Analysis of Newspaper Research Report Results This paper is going to present discuss from a statistic point a view a health related newspaper article in which a research study is mentioned and summarized.

The fact that the data was obtained from 45 different studies shows that the results obtained are reliable and credible. Extrapolation is also characteristic of inferential statistics.

Determine the fatality rate without any pills being taken 2. Most probably the same statistical procedure was used when the study estimated the worldwide numbers: Since percentages and frequencies are part of descriptive statistics and were used here, this indicates that descriptive statistics was also used in the analysis of the data Gunsch, Building on the results found until then, the article mentions that considering that the numbers of women using oral contraceptives have raised in the past decades, an estimated number of 30, deaths due to ovarian cancer has been prevented.

Analysis of newspaper research report results

This statement makes me think that there were studies where the subjects were all the same ethnicity, education, age, and so on. Taking the pill protects against ovarian cancer, even decades later study.

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The total number of the women followed is very large: Inferential statistics was probably used to obtain the data. This is supported by the fact that there was modeling of relationships within the data that is, the relationship between taking pills and ovarian cancer which is a typical characteristic of inferential statistics.

This number was probably determined as follows: This is because women who participated in the study both had used pills previously or not and had ovarian cancer or not. This means also that it can be reproduced since number of participants was relatively large. The large size of the sample can make the results of the meta-study very precise, as long as the selection of the participants followed the same statistical rigorous procedure.

See references for the link The original study was published in a medical journal, The Lancet, by Dr. The article states that the protective effect has been recorded regardless of ethnicity, education level, age, medical history, weight, height, smoking or drinking history.Below is a free excerpt of "Analysis of Newspaper Research Report Results" from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Analysis of Newspaper Research Report Results

When analyzing and interpreting the statistical significance of a study or research report, it is necessary to understand its purpose.

Analysis of Newspaper Research Report Results The article is named: “Pills protect against ovarian cancer: Study”, it was written by Helen Branswell, and was published by Toronto Star on January 24th, in its Living/Health section.

The results section is where you report the findings of your study based upon the methodology [or methodologies] you applied to gather information. The results section should state the findings of the research arranged in a logical sequence without bias or interpretation.

Analysis of Newspaper Research Report Paper Childhood overweight problems have increased significantly during the past few decades boosting ones understanding of the.

This paper is going to present discuss from a statistic point a view a health related newspaper article in which a research study is mentioned and summarized.

Analysis of Research Report Analysis of Research Report Results Analysis of Research Report Results In a nation where over two-thirds of adults are overweight and over one-third are obese, many Americans turn to commercial diet and weight loss programs in an attempt to shed the extra pounds and incorporate a healthy lifestyle (National Institute of Diabetes and Kidney Diseases, ).

Newspaper research report results
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