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Thus the democratic citizen has a dual role: The final exam will have multiple choice questions, short answer questions, and an essay. Those who actually hold elected office and take care of the everyday business of governing. Judith Shklar argues in her book that there are two essential elements of American citizenship: Federalist 57 What must be the standards for electing them?

According to Dunlap in the Lester Bookwhat is the "issue-attention cycle"?

U.S. Government and Politics

That is, explain why it should work using theories. Check section 1 of the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution 2.

For example, if part of your answer is about Congress, you should tell us about how Congress is organized, how the committee and party systems work, etc. Those who actively participate in groups, elections, etc. An example of a controversial issue dealing with material scarcity is: Would abortion better be described as a "prospective" issue or as a "retrospective" issue?

Explain the spatial model of elections and the median voter hypothesis. There are two ways: Those individuals who are well informed, care, and vote, but do not participate beyond that. This is a legal requirementand involuntary in the sense that we have no choice.

Are they capable of participating in the complicated world we live in today, with many difficult political and economic issues at stake? Some live in privacy because they are not capable of concerning themselves with more than that, or choose not to.

Which of the following does NOT affect the likelihood of voter turnout?

Political Science Midterm Review Essay Sample

In your essay, be sure to analyze your strategy as well as describe it. Write an essay in which you describe and then analyze either: Develop your answer carefully, using evidence and citing class readings and lectures to support your statements wherever possible.

In the last few decades, did the number of organizations represented by lobbyists in Washington increase, decrease, or remain the same? So, the basic concerns about democratic citizenship always are: The following question was asked when the theme of the course was civil rights.

Schudson describes some very important changes in the nature and activities of citizenship in US history, particularly at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20the century which still affect us today. Why study issues of citizenship? However, it also brought about negative restrictions on the right to vote, and exclusion of many minorities.

Why is it part of citizenship? You need not address all the major areas discussed in this class--public opinion, parties, interest groups, Congress, the President, the bureaucracy, and the courts--but you should address two or more of them.

Or, as critics have maintained for over a thousand years, will they be divided amongst themselves to the point of paralysis? For equal individual rights, check the Declaration of Independence, second paragraph.

Please answer one of the two following essay questions. If we are born or naturalized in the US territory, we are by law citizens. So what is essential for democratic citizenship? More essays like this: In modern democracy, individuals are private citizens with equal individual rightsand they in addition are political or public citizens as part of the self-governing community of the sovereign people.Political Science Midterm Review Essay Sample.

Political Science Quiz 1

US-EU Citizenship Review and Summary for the Midterm Examination Summary: Main points mi-centre.com study issues of citizenship?

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on StudyBlue. Power: the political power is the ability to shape and control the political behavior of other and to lead and guide their behavior in the direction desired by the person, group, or. PS INTRODUCTION TO POLITICAL SCIENCE Fall Professor Marc Ross Overview.

What is politics and how do political scientists study it? If this question were asked about one of the natural sciences, students would be given a quizzes, a midterm and a final exam. The emphasis in the papers and exams in on analysis of the. U.S. Government and Politics.

Learn about the people who make the rules, and how governing bodies work together to ensure our country's laws and ideals are upheld. View Notes - Political Science (midterm 1)Term: Definition: Who can have a dream? Everyone, regardless race, gender, or religion Term: Definition: How do you achieve the dream?


Political science midterm
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