Rainsford or zaroff who is the better hunter essay

General Zaroff was and Rainsford were big fan of hunting, however they both had a different definition of Hunting. He meant that he is an best animal and he will kill him.

He is bowing to Rainsford because of his confidence of saying Rainsford will kill him. Later then he wins the game and kills zaroff as it was the rule of the bet.

He had a real good dinner ,With it he had a bottle of Pol Roger and half a bottle of Chambertin 7. So rainsford goes out running toward the ocean and climbs the tree to hide but thinks this is going to be easy for Zaroff so he goes out and makes the hunting more intense and interesting for zaroff.

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Remember to use quotes if you copy from the text. Guided Reading Questions for pp. Rainsford won the game. What happened to Zaroff at the end?

The Most Dangerous Game Essay | Essay

Who won the game? First, General zaroff is a big fan of hunting and been doing it for years. How did the General spend his evening? Someone died in the pit.

Using your answers from Guided Reading Questions explain how the conflict gets resolved.

Introduce both characters - background, appearance, lifestyles, occupations, etc. It was a deep as his shoulder 2.

Describe the many similarities and differences the characters have. From which he got bored of killing animals, then he preferred to kill humans because they could think of way of survival.

How deep was the pit? He wants hunting to be something intense and interesting.

Both love to kill but have different feelings for humans and animals. In addition, He thinks of him self the king of hunting because of his experience.Secondly, Rainsford is a very experienced and talented hunter, but doesn’t like to be overconfidence with his experience and show off like Zaroff.

So he likes being with himself and hunt, however Zaroff thinks Rainsford is not a challenging hunter. Rainsford is an experienced hunter who enjoys the sport and has written a book upon the subject. He hunts because he enjoys it. General Zaroff has been hunting his entire life.

Backgrounds. As you might expect, being a big-game hunter in the s required some amount of independent resources. Both Rainsford and Zaroff are wealthy, but Zaroff is much more so than the.

Most Dangerous Game Analysis. STUDY. PLAY. Climax. By this he means that instead of being the prey, he is now the hunter and Zaroff is his prey. Rainsford defeats Zaroff and sleeps in his bed.

Ironic that Zaroff thinks he (human reason) is better than animal instinct, and at the end he ends up just like an animal, fighting for his life.

Summary: The two main characters in "The Most Dangerous Game" by Richard Connell are Rainsford and Zaroff. They are similar in that they both love hunting, but their philosophies about the sport are different. In the story, "The Most Dangerous Game," Rainsford and Zaroff, the two main characters.


Everything you ever wanted to know about General Zaroff in The Most Dangerous Game, written by masters of this stuff just for you. Rainsford and Zaroff seem to agree that people fall into distinct categories, which they basically can't escape.

But is he a hunter or a murderer? Is there some twisted logic at work here? When Rainsford.

Rainsford or zaroff who is the better hunter essay
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