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Unsatisfied needs are the motivation to work. People with strong self-actualisation needs do not wait for things to happen; they make things happen. The inner desire to become a doctor or engineer or professor or social reformer and actually becoming one is the satisfaction of self-actualisation need.

The following conclusions are drawn by Porter and some other researchers: One, managers ensure there are sufficient hygiene factors salary, bonus, security etc. At the end of each goal the employee can set a reward after accomplishing each goal. An employee can self-motivate himself or herself by setting achievable goals and objectives Satisfying and motivating jobs essay order to attain success in the task at hand.

Both the theories are briefly discussed below: In the above example, the employee shall put 2 hours of overtime every day only if he expects increase in his monetary incentives.

Thus, at a point of time, a person has many needs present in him, though in varying degrees. The hierarchy does not, therefore, always hold good in practice. The model, thus, states that the employee will be motivated to work if his efforts lead to positive performance which further leads to positive outcomes.

Enhancing a sense of belonging is very vital because it would make the employees feel like they are important and appreciated in their work place. At the organisational level, managers can satisfy these needs by providing a good office layout and job titles.

Bored and unchallenged employees experience little incentive to concern themselves with workplace productivity. He aims to seek status and position in the organisation. He asked them two questions: This can function as an important motivator to all other employees because they would also want to obtain the same reward and praise like the other employee.

The desire for money, for example, is always present in people. They are, thus, less suitable to work in personnel departments unless they comparatively develop their affiliation needs also.

The theory is, thus, based on the following elements: They interact with people, organise individual efforts into group efforts and get them together to work towards successful attainment of organisational goals.

The need hierarchy and motivators that satisfy the needs is shown in the following figure: The first three needs physiological, safety and social are lower-order needs and next two needs ego and self-actualisation are higher-order needs.

Research findings of Herzberg have useful implications on motivation of employees. These are the needs of becoming what one wants to become. Middle and lower-level managers as they wish to rise further. This is the basic need that individuals wish to satisfy. These programmes help in expanding business, set up new units, add new product lines and make more profits.

Other studies have shown different findings for same study. Actions are affected by what people expect to achieve out of those actions. The following figure shows a comparative analysis of all the need theories: The motivators that satisfy these needs are the benefits of life insurance, provident fund, health insurance and other retirement benefits.

People with high needs for affiliation join organisations where they can form social groups, love and be loved by their group members and develop friendly relationships with others. The level of satisfaction of a need is, therefore, difficult to understand. If managers know that physiological and safety needs are stronger than other needs at a point of time, they will provide hygiene factors on the job conditions so that workers are not dissatisfied with their jobs.

It can also be used to make employees to struggle for bigger goals.Free Essay: Answer Question 1: Why do you think many people are in jobs that are not satisfying? Do organizations help people craft satisfying and motivating.

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Essay on Motivation of Employees. Article shared by: Read this essay to learn about the Motivation of Employees. After reading this essay you will learn about: 1. Those who are intrinsically rewarded by accomplishments in the work place are satisfied with their jobs.

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Therefore, an important part of management is to keep work satisfying and. In addition, objects that make the job satisfying will be discussed.

Body Motivation is something that can come and go in an instant. in the workplace is an important area for discussion and many theories as to what motivates people to do their jobs well have been formulated. This essay will discuss three different theories of motivation.

Below is an essay on "Crafting a Better Job" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Subject: Organizational Behavior It is hard to say that organizations help people craft satisfying and motivating jobs.

2 Think about how you might reorient yourself to your own job. Are the principles of job /5(1). This free Management essay on Essay: Motivation is perfect for Management students to use as an example. motivating and satisfying employees, performance appraisal, retention and dismissal of staff. Writer jobs; Free plagiarism checker; Contact Us.

Registered office: Essay UK Office 7. ´╗┐Answer Question 1: Why do you think many people are in jobs that are not satisfying? Do organizations help people craft satisfying and motivating jobs, and if not, why not?

Satisfying and motivating jobs essay
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