The history of the nfl and the greatest game ever played

When our digital programmers of do their own " Bracketology ," this game will live on. Unitas called for the Colts and lost the toss.

With seven seconds to play in regulation, kicker Steve Myhra trotted onto the field and booted the yard field goal to send the game into overtime. Montana was the ultimate gamer who, arguably, dispatched Marino and Elway to second-class status.

Football History

The available player-captains of the respective teams would attend it and the visiting team would choose heads or tails. Here we rank the top 10 quarterbacks of all time.

Tittle and his San Francisco 49ers. He retired as the top quarterback in terms of yardage 47,completions 3,and touchdowns Baltimore started off the season winning their first six games before losing to New York, 24—21, in week 7 of the regular season. The Seahawks were the defending champions.

1958 NFL Championship Game

It even rendered one of the craziest catches in NFL history moot. But Butler held on. The Giants won the coin toss but were forced to punt after they went three-and-out. The Cardinals and Steelers had the craziest final 2: While an enamored crowd watched, the television audience lost contact when someone inadvertently nudged a cable and knocked NBC off the air for several minutes.

On second-and-ten, he found Raymond Berry for a yard gain to midfield. With the clock ticking, the Colts began from their own yard line.

Of course, that was before he refused to report to camp and was subsequently traded to Denver, where his career flourished.

Super Bowl XLIX voted greatest game of all time

Background[ edit ] Both teams finished the season with a 9—3 record. One play later, Baltimore took the ball back when defensive end Gino Marchetti forced a recovered fumble from quarterback Don Heinrich.Game Pass; Stats; Ways to Watch; NFL Network; Photos; Player Stats; Team Stats; Next Gen Stats; Weekly Leaders; History; Player Search; NFL History Other Links NFL Ticket Exchange.

NFL's Greatest Games is a series of television programs that air on NFL Network, ESPN and related networks. They are condensed versions of some of the most famous games in the history of the National Football League, using footage and sound captured by NFL Films, as well as original interviews.

The game played at Yankee Stadium in New York attracted a national television audience and became known in football lore as “The Greatest Game Ever Played.” More importantly, the game captured the collective attention of the nation and as a result, pro football exploded across the country in.

Super Bowl LI shattered half the records in the book and was unlike any championship game in history; not even the original could challenge it for the title of the Greatest Game Ever Played. Apr 03,  · The greatest football game of all time was decided by our readers this weekend.

It was down to two options: Super Bowl XLIX between the Patriots. If not for Baltimore Colts kicker Steve Myhra's game-tying field goal at the end of regulation, "The Greatest Game Ever Played" might not be remembered as such, and the NFL might not be where it.

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The history of the nfl and the greatest game ever played
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