The power of emotion essay

Over the spring semester, we spent a lot of time reviewing both rhetorical and literary devices anaphora, hypothetical questions, simile and I told students to focus on the devices they genuinely felt comfortable using.

Students were very concerned with whether or not they were making sense, if they should add more, or if they were being too repetitive, rather than only being concerned about capitalization, spelling, and grammatical errors.

I wanted them to imagine a larger audience and think outside of meeting my expectations. The essay pushes students to write about something that matters to them and helps them get to know each other on a deeper level. I emphasized that these phrases did not have to be included in their final products, but should help generate ideas.

For some, deciding what to write about was easy and they began drafting immediately. A few said they wished they had written this essay sooner. Questions I told them to consider were: We feel emotions by our brain and it is really difficult for scientists to give a single accurate definition for this process.

I played soft music and asked that the room volume stay quiet enough to be able to hear the music at all times.

Essay. What are Emotions?

I also made it a point to tell them our end goal was to share this essay with their entire class by way of a gallery walk. I just relax and enjoy much all my experiences of different feelings.

I placed the essays on different tables throughout the room and allowed students to move around as needed; some chose to stand and read an essay, others opted to sit, while others sprawled out on the floor to read. I only gave a portion of two to three class periods to actually write in class; students were expected to write on their own time.

From a student who by all outward appearances, comes from a traditional family. Learn something new every week. Do I talk like this to my friends or family? Overall, the feedback was uplifting and actually created a sense of belonging in each class.

Power Lessons: “This I Believe” Essays

I gave students the option of reviewing their own essays or partnering up with someone to peer edit. By the way, this happens regardless of race, gender or age of people, as all we have very similar internal responses to the same feelings.

For example, one can be happy about something or angry with somebody — this is his emotion. I made it clear that students had a lot of choice regarding both content and format. And finally, subjective feelings are the most difficult to measure or describe as they refer to the special way each individual experiences emotions.

I wanted to give everyone plenty of time to write but held them to a firm deadline of having four weeks to work.

Again, this was the end of the year, so we had already established a pretty firm community of trust in class. Does this sound like me?

For instance, when we are under stress, the hormone adrenaline is released by our bodies.Power of Emotions Essay Power of Emotion Emotion is an individual’s feelings that can be represented by facial expressions, tone of voice, and body language. In the short story “The Moose and the Sparrow”, the author Hugh Garner.

Open Document. Below is an essay on "The Power of Emotion" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. More about The Power of Emotion in by George Orwell and The Fault in Our Stars by John Green Essay on The Fault In Our Stars is.

The Power of Self-Destruction in Shakespeare's Othello Essay examples - Othello, the Moor of Venice published in by William Shakespeare, one of the greatest writers known in English literature. Expressive behavior is the outward sign of the experienced emotion and can include a flushed face, muscle tension, fainting, rapid breathing, restlessness, etc.

Due to the outward expressions of our emotions we can feel each other better, and in this way social interactions are regulated. Although this essay helped end the year with a strong sense of community, I think teachers could easily have students write it at the beginning of the school year or even in January at the start of a new year.

The power of emotion essay
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