Voltmeter using 8051

Voltmeter using 8051 Voltmeter using Microcontroller In this section, we are going to make a digital voltmeter using microcontrollers. A digital voltmeter can display the numerical value of the voltage on a display by use of analog to digital converter ADC.

Voltmeters operating on the electrostatic principle use the mutual repulsion between two charged plates to deflect a pointer attached to a spring.

As shown in figure below. It is cheap and very reliable. One of the generic instrument is a digital volt meter. Analog voltmeter moves the pointer on a scale but it has some limitations like the accuracy of few percent of full scale.

Electronics Projects A voltmeter is a voltage measuring instrument. All the data processing and manipulating are in digital form, so it is essential to use ADC. Let us see the prototype of the meter in Figure 1. Hardware schematic click to enlarge. DVM measurement accuracy is affected by many factors, including temperature, input impedance, and DVM power supply voltage variations.

The ICL is a 4. When an electric current is applied, the interaction of the magnetic field of the coil and of the stationary magnet creates a torque, tending to make the coil rotate.

Meters of this type draw negligible current but are sensitive to voltages over about volts and work with either alternating or direct current. Some moving-coil instruments are also made with the zero position in the middle of the scale instead of at one end; these are useful if the voltage reverses its polarity.

This signal is used to interrupt the microcontroller. Each chip drives 8-digit 7-sement LED. Today these circuits use a solid-state amplifier using field-effect transistorshence FET-VM, and appear in handheld digital multimeters as well as in bench and laboratory instruments.

Above I have discussed function of each components and its working in dc voltage measurement with pic microcontroller. The restoring spring is shown in green. A once-popular form of this instrument used a vacuum tube in the amplifier circuit and so was called the vacuum tube voltmeter, or VTVM.

The coil rotates, compressing a spring that opposes the rotation. Hence by using these values in above formula: Note the 40 microvolt difference between the two measurementsan offset of 34 parts per million.

A digital voltmeter DVM measures an unknown input voltage by converting the voltage to a digital value and then displays the voltage in numeric form.

Digital Voltmeter using 8051 Microcontroller: Electronics Projects

These were almost always powered by the local AC line current and so were not particularly portable. The first digital voltmeter was invented and produced by Andrew Kay of Non-Linear Systems and later founder of Kaypro in The display for each channel is 8-digit 7-segment LED.

PIC16FA microcontroller can not directly read 40 volt. With a cheap price and easy interfacing, I think I will design a cheap digital volt meter with microcontroller to provide serial interface similar to the Fluke The galvanometer has a coil of fine wire suspended in a strong magnetic field.

The display board schematic. These instruments are optimized for measuring AC voltage. Amplified voltmeters often have an input resistance of 1, 10, or 20 megohms which is independent of the range selected.Digital voltmeter using pic microcontroller project is designed with lcd,pic16fa microcontroller used for digital voltmeter using pic.

Construction of Microcontroller Based Digital Voltmeter Md. Imran Hossain Jony1, (IUT), OIC, Dhaka, Bangladesh Abstract: Construction of a digital voltmeter using the elementary concepts of embedded system is presented in this paper.

Simple Digital Voltmeter using 8051

The Construction of Microcontroller Based Digital Voltmeter. Dual Channel Digital Volt Meter Wichit Sirichote, [email protected] Build a generic instrument, the Digital Voltmeter using the classic DVM chip, the Intersil.

A voltmeter is a voltage measuring instrument. We can measure the potential difference between any two points in an electrical network using a voltmeter. Let us design and make a simple voltmeter using microcontrollers which you can use as a mini-project in your college.

There are two types of voltmeter as analog voltmeter and digital. Simple digital voltmeter using (AT89S51 microcontroller) with circuit diagram and assembly language ASM code. Simple digital voltmeter.

Mar 04,  · This is a simple Digital voltmeter project mainly focusing on designing condition circuits and demonstrating a use of Analog to Digital Converter (ADC)/10(7).

Voltmeter using 8051
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