Watchmen vs dark knight

Dialogue in comics serve a different purpose than film; just as dialogue in a stageplay is different than film. Who Deserves More Credit: We hardly changed anything when we were doing Watchmen.

But as with all dogmatic slobbering, the result is something hollow and arranged that misses the point. In Part 2 click herethey discuss how the work influenced them as storytellers. Watchmen having more action. He emerges in a world of invulnerable heroes with ridiculous super-strength, speed, and senses.

Will Elder and Wally Wood in my case particularly. At the end, the nicely sum up what the point of the episode was explicitly, for all the stupid people.

And also, of course, what I essentially did was take a full-page panel that Frank had done and do it from a different angle, focus it slightly differently to have Carrie and Bruce coming towards us.

And I remember kind of rescuing him from there and us going off for a beer together. It is amazing at the time. And in this confrontation, the dramatic questions are explored and answered. Watchmen and DKR played out at roughly the same time and together they completely altered comics — and by extension, popular culture in general — in the decades to come.

He lived up to the name moreso. So as both played out, what kind of interplay was there between you and Miller, Janson, et al? This is what I have issue with too.

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I thought it was mediocre. Alpha Centauri Originally posted by SnakeEyes As far as leaving things out, think about ANY adaptation of a complex, or sometimes just plain lengthy, property.

Rhythmic "Watchmen" was a smart movie trying to be stupid. He did his work as a director, realizing that comics are designed and scripted for certain reasons—the prime one being that you are both reading and watching art.

Their reputations and skill sets are well-known and well-earned. This is dropped an hour in yes an hour because you still have two hours to goreplaced by a mildly-interesting exploration of a god-like superhero and a numbingly-uninteresting romance between two washed-up heroes.

And Rorschach, a hero that is so pure and exact, yet not a cold machine. Not just print ads, but those horribly irritating card inserts that every other supermarket magazine packs in.The Dark Knight is leaps and bounds waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than Watchmen I disagree.

I watched both The Dark Knight and Watchmen: Directors Cut last night and it may be b/c I've tired out of TDK but I enjoyed Watchmen a hell of alot more. Gibbons and Alan Moore, I figure, have a completely different perspective on Dark Knight Returns than most: Watchmen and DKR played out at roughly the same time and together they completely altered comics — and by extension, popular culture in general — in the decades to come.

Tim Burton's BATMAN vs Chris Nolan's THE DARK KNIGHT

Again, if there is any justice, Watchmen's arrival as a media event will start the Jackie Earle Haley nomination ball work is just as strong - and sometimes stronger - than Ledger's. 1 - Introduction The archetype of the superhero was forever changed by two ground-breaking graphic novels: Frank Miller's Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, published inand Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' Watchmen, published in Both texts reject the traditional, often campy.

Tim Burton's BATMAN vs Chris Nolan's THE DARK KNIGHT. Nicholson is a blast to watch and is very fun but that s just the problem: in the 20 years since the last movie incarnation (joyfully.

A person that believes Watchmen is better than Dark Knight is out of his mind. there's lots of flaws in the trilogy i notice when i watch them.

I didn't like many of the character, joker was.

Watchmen vs dark knight
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